Responsable opérationnel

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  • oliviafrance

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    Kelly B said:
    Operational manager, I think.
    Well, the fact is that its only a person in charge of, not a director. I would have put Operational Manager for Directeur Opérationnel, but I don't know for responsable.
    Does Operational Executive sounds bad ?


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    oliviafrance said:
    Well, the fact is that its only a person in charge of, not a director. I would have put Operational Manager for Directeur Opérationnel, but I don't know for responsable.
    Does Operational Executive sounds bad ?
    Operational / Operations Director for Directeur
    Operational/Operations Manager for Responsable....

    Kelly B

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    Executive sounds like a person at a high level in a white shirt who never gets his hands dirty. I don't think that's what you mean. Manager is used for a broad range of levels.


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    français Clodoaldien
    Responsable opérationnel : even in french the wording is not clear, opérationnel meaning "ready to function". We could have here Responsable des opérations/du fonctionnement (?) Operation(s) /management/managing supervisor ...


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    I'm finding as many translations as there are bilingual Websites. This is extremely annoying. Examples taken from a few :

    You will be assigned a Supervisor who will be in charge of the logistical aspects of your meeting. (bof)
    A tout moment votre Responsable Opérationnel dédié supervisera pour vous tous les aspects logistiques de votre meeting.

    Entretien avec Stéphane XXX, responsable opérationnel de XXX pour l'XXX.
    An interview with Stéphane XXX, operations head for XXX at XXX (I sure expect he has one :rolleyes: alors bof bof !)

    You will be invited to attend two interviews, one with a Human Resources professional and the other with an operational manager. (But he's not the actual manager... alors bof !)
    Dans ce but, vous serez convié à deux entretiens, l’un avec un professionnel des ressources humaines et l’autre avec un responsable opérationnel.

    Responsable opérationnel, Accès aux Médicaments
    Access to Medicine Operational Manager (bis)

    Georges XXX, Operational and Information System Coordinator, France. (tilt)
    Georges XXX, Responsable opérationnel et du système d'information, France.

    Responsable opérationnel: Head of Operations (Mouais, pas terrible mais possible.)

    My favorite one is Operational Coordinator. It artfully gets around the problem of status (Manager, head, Supervisor, Director who isn't really one, etc.) That's the one I'd pick were it my decision to make (not da guy: the term! :p ) And noone will know if he's wearing white shirts or not. Nifty enough.

    What do you all think about it?


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    Well, I do think "Operational Coordinator" is a good compromise. I'll go for it. Probably "Operational manager" sounds good too. It can depend if you want to someone with some management responsibilities ...


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    I agree with "operational coordinator "

    un responsable opérationnel est désigné sans tenir compte de sa position hiérarchique ( peu importe qu'il soit Directeur , Chef de service ou autre)
    par exemple il peut s'agir pour la Société de s'implanter dans un pays étranger. Et le responsable sera choisi en fonction de ses compétences ( Dans ce cas on risque fort de choisir quelqu'un qui parle la langue du pays)


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    Operational coordinator = coordinateur opérationnel

    IMO this is not equal to responsable opérationnel, as the coordinator is not necessarly the one held responsible for the actions being taken but only the one organizing them in time.

    To me Operational Manager would be the proper translation.
    It's my belief that the word Manager is usually misinterpreted in by french people who tend to associated the english word manager to the french word manageur.

    While it's not wrong that this is one of the translation of the word it is higly inaccurate as that is only 1 of the meanings of the english word. In french manageur is solely a person that is in charge of employees on a hierarchy level and is responsible for the actions of those employees.
    Whereas this can true for the english word but the general meaning in english is more someone that is in charge and responsible for someone OR something.

    and in my opinion 'responsable opérationnel' is someone in charge/responsible of something.
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