Responsable Sistema de Gestión de Calidad y Medio Ambiente



I am performing a lengthy translation and was looking for some help on a phrase: "Responsable Sistema de Gestión de Calidad y Medio Ambiente."

I've translated the title to "Responsible System of Quality Management and the Environment." Is there a better alternative, or am I close enough on my word choices?

Thank you for the help.
  • Chris K

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    I would say that "Sistema de Gestión de Calidad y Medio Ambiente" = "System of Quality and Environmental Management." It's possible that "responsable" here is just an abbreviated way of saying "responsible for the [System etc.]," but it's hard to say without context.


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    "Responsable sistema" lacks meaning. It could be a "sistema responsable" (a "responsible system", I doubt this is the one) or, more likely, a "responsable del sistema..." ("responsible for the system", like in a job description).

    Regarding the "Sistema de gestión de calidad y medio ambiente", there are well established terms for them, at least separately:
    Sistema de Gestión de Calidad = Quality Management System, usually abbreviated QMS
    Sistema de Gestión Ambiental = Environmental Management System, usually abbreviated EMS.
    The two combined could be a Quality and Environmetal Management System(s).
    If you are making a CV, you could use "Responsible for the QMS and EMS"
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