ressourcerie , recyclerie


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I'd like to know the equivalent of the words "ressourceries" and recycleries". I am currently working on new ways of consuming with my pupils...
Thank you for your help!
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    Hi Heleneperin, can you explain what these words mean? Maybe provide the definition in French?


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    La Ressourcerie collecte les objets dont vous souhaitez vous débarrasser pour les réparer et les revendre sans but lucratif. Sa relation avec les usagers du service de collecte de déchets et ses clients permettent à tous de nouer des liens sociaux, de créer des solidarités et d’échanger autour de préoccupations sociales et environnementales.
    Elle collecte et valorise des déchets encombrants pour revendre des objets de réemploi et réutilisation à prix modiques.
    source : Concept -

    This is an invented word and a trademark used in social business. I guess recyclerie is about the same but not protected.


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    I have never heard of these before! It sounds like a really neat idea actually :).

    I looked it up and we have them hear in Québec. Unfortunately non of the websites of the Québec ressourceries that I could find have an english version, even the Montreal ones which is strange.

    Anyways, I have never heard the word recyclerie...I don't know if it would be clear in and of itself. I think we can go with your original suggestion, Iuytr...reuse centres or recycling centres would be clearer. To be even more precise, I would suggest something like refurbishing centre as these combines both reuse and recycle into one word.


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    I'm not sure that "thrift/charity" shop reflects the fact that the items are repaired/modified before being sold on.

    The term "upcycling" is becoming quite in BE to describe the process; e.g. taking an old piece of furniture and restoring/mending it so that it looks good and can be re-used.


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    Are there different words according to whether they're used about a municipal service or a charitable organization, maybe? Just wondering. I'd call them both, but certainly the former, a 'recycling center'. (For what it's worth, I don't think "recyclerie" is a word.)