'rest with' preceded by noun/-ing of followed by infinitive?

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Hello again!

Which of the following versions is proper?

Dismantling and fitting the motor back rests with the crew.

It rests with the crew to dismantle and fit the motor back.

Thank you.
  • PaulQ

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    Seriously, do you need to say rests with? And the verb "to fit back" is "to refit"


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    Your second sentence is correct. So yes, the structure is possible. In this context it is awkward, stilted.

    "Rests with" is an expression I would use only when there is a really good reason. For example, in newspaper headlines it is a darn useful little phrase to express a concept in minimal words. For example, "Gingrich fate rests with Iowa voters."

    It can also be poetic, overly formal--which is great if that's what you want. "My future rests with you. Will you help me?"

    If you want to make the first sentence clear and proper English I would say "The task of dismantling.... rests with the crew."
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