Restriction for treatment / Administer an anesthetic


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I'm currently working on translating an Emergency Contact Form and would appreciate some help with two terms.

First, I am unsure how to translate the term "Restriction for treatment"

Secondly, can one use the verb "administrer" with respect to an anesthetic --> "administrer une anesthésie?"

These two terms deal with the following passage:

"...a private physician, hospital or emergency response personnel may administer medical treatment and/or anesthetic. Specific instructions (i.e. allergies, restriction for treatment, etc.) are as follows."

I have translated this as: "En cas d'accident, de maladie soudaine, ou d'urgence, un médecin privé, hôpital, ou autre personnel d'intervention d'urgence aurait peut-être à vous administrer un traitement médical et/ou une anesthésie. Veuillez indiquer ci-dessous toute instruction pertinente quant à votre traitement médical (p. ex. allergies, ???, etc.)"

Thank you for your help.
  • piti_lolo

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    you could use "contre-indications" for "restriction"

    on your second point, I'm not sure bu I think we say :
    "réaliser (ou faire) une anesthésie"
    ou "administrer un anesthésique"
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