Resultado por unidades de ajuste


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Can anybody help me? I need the English version for "resultado por unidades de ajuste". I know it is a technical expression. I do not have the context, except that it is on a list of ítems regarding the gross profit of a company. My attempt "Outcome due to adjustment".
Thank you, beforehand.
  • Joe Esquire

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    I believe the precise term used in Chile in the preparation of financial statements is “Resultado por Unidades de Reajuste”;
    which is the sum of accounting entry adjustments, required under IFRS, to account for: (i) year-end valuation adjustments and (ii) foreign exchange fluctuations, for different types of assets and liabilities (mostly non-cash items).

    The “Unidad” pertains to an inflation—adjusted accounting unit established by the Central Bank, called “Unidad de Fomento” currently at about 29,800 pesos per unit, utilized to better reflect of true value of assets/liabilities after inflation.

    With all that: “(IFRS) Acccounting Adjustments to Financial Results expressed in Inflation-adjusted Units.

    Please see references below.


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