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Is there something wrong in the following sentence?

The initiation occurs when the bonds of a chemical compound containing labile groups (such as disulfides or peroxides) are broken, resulting in a species which can be both ionic or radical.

My teacher is correcting many of these structures in my thesis, substituting the -ing term with wich result.

Does someone know the correct form?

  • Glenfarclas

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    The version with "resulting" is not incorrect, but (to me) leaves the sentence somewhat ambiguous as to whether it is the breaking of the bonds, or the occurrence of the initiation, which results in the species. It seems less ambiguous with "which results."

    Please note also that "both X or Y" is not a valid English construction.


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    There's nothing wrong with "resulting". It means the same as "which results" or "which result". You should ask why the corrections are being made. Is there a style guide for publication which you are expected to follow?
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