Resumen de cuenta (bancaria)

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  1. Simud Member

    Qué tal,

    Quería saber cómo traducir al inglés la frase 'resumen de cuenta', refiriéndome por tal al resumen mensual de los gastos y movimientos en una cuenta bancaria.

  2. maxpapic Senior Member

    Tampa, FL
    español - República Dominicana
    "Account summary."
  3. Simud Member

    Thanks Max!
  4. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Bank/Account statement?
  5. alacant

    alacant Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England, english
    I would agree with this. I have never heard of account summary.

    Saludos, ala
  6. maxpapic Senior Member

    Tampa, FL
    español - República Dominicana
  7. Simud Member

    In my Spanish, "resumen de cuenta" would apply to both cases: 'account summary' or 'account statement'. It's great to get to know their difference in meaning in English. The one I was looking for was in fact 'account summary' (the one you check online, for instance).
  8. jaorozcos

    jaorozcos Member

    Monterrey MX
    Mexican Spanish
    Used to work for Sears and Chrysler Financial call centers... Most people I heard used "bank statement".
  9. mijoch Banned

    British English
    A multinational. There are still variations from bank to bank, and countr to country.

    What I've got "balance". What's been happening "statement".


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