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I am doing my first one, and i am looking for a template on the internet.
Is there a difference between either Resumes or CV?

What is the most preferred?
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    Although both terms might be interchangeable, there are differences.

    A Resume (the preferred term in the U.S.), is usually a one-page CV.
    A Curriculum Vitae (uncommon term in the U.S., but the standard term elsewhere) could be single-paged, or longer.

    In Mexico, for example, CVs tend to be very long, and the longer the better to boast about one's accomplishments. In the U.S., the effect is the exact opposite.

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    In my humble opinion, it's best to ask the person to whom you're sending your CV what format s/he prefers. That way, you can't go wrong and it may put you a step or two ahead of your competitors.
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