resurgir vs ressurgir

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  1. Sniegurochka

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    Quelqu’un peut-il m’expliquer la différence entre resurgir et ressurgir? Je suis en train de traduire la phrase suivante de l’anglais en français :
    What makes me especially happy for her is that she seems to have reappeared after having been in the shadow, in a standstill, for some time.

    Mon essaie :
    Ce que me rende surtout heureuse pour elle, c’est qu’elle semble être réapparue (resurgie, ressurgie) après avoir été à l’ombre, à l’arrête, pendant quelque temps.
    Merci !
  2. le chat noir

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    resurgir and ressurgir are just two variants of the exact same word.

    arrêt (masc) -> stop, standstill
    arrête (fem) -> fishbone :)
    here I assume 'in a standstill' means her career (as an artist) has not made any progress
    also 'à l'ombre' is more like either 'in the shade of a tree' or slang for 'in jail' :). 'dans l'ombre' is the expression to use here.

    Ce qui me rend surtout heureuse pour elle, c'est quelle semble avoir resurgi après avoir été dans l'ombre, sans évoluer pendant un bon moment.
  3. marcolo

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    I agree with le chat noir. I think that "resurgir" was the original spelling,
    but there is a problem to pronounce it, because you can't pronounce "rezurgir".
    That's why I prefer "ressurgir" because the pronunciation fits with the spelling.
  4. bloomiegirl

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    Also note that Le chat noir changed "Ce que" to "Ce qui" (but didn't put it in bold). ;)

    ce que + subject +verb
    ce qui + verb :D

    I've probably oversimplified a complicated rule, but I think it explains the correction, more or less. :)
  5. archijacq Senior Member

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    même si Wikipédia signale "resurgir" comme variante orthographique - pour des raisons de prononciation, il me semble préférable d'écrire "ressurgir" (comme ressortir, ressaut, etc.) - sinon le "s" seul se prononce "z" (comme dans "résurrection")
  6. BigRedDog

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    I couldn't agree more with Marcolo. Also note the French spelling of the substantive "résurgence"a bit different from the English :) (same meaning though)
  7. Sniegurochka

    Sniegurochka Senior Member

    Waco, Texas
    Wow, thank you so much for your help and tremendous explanations! You helped me to avoid so many pitfalls with my sentence!

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