"retail pad"

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Heather Marie

New Member
It`s from an financing offer. Description of land and planned building for a shopping mall. I do find the term via internet but never with an description. Is it a specially marked piece of land or does it already contain buildings? Exp.:
"of gross leasable area in 3 buildings and 5 outparcel pad sites"
"The five outparcel pad sites will all be located along "
Thank you for your help!
  • JamesM

    Senior Member
    I am not in real estate or finance, but I can say that I've seen these signs when new shopping malls are being constructed. The "pad" is a designated location on the property, sometimes already graded, but with no buildings, in my experience. We have a shopping mall near our house where one of these pads is now being developed after several years as a flower patch. They are regrading it and beginning the whole construction process.

    I hope that helps. Please wait for others to give you more information. I'm speaking only as a passerby with no knowledge of the term other than what I see on a sign.
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