Rete Urbana/Rete Extraurbana


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how can I translate "Rete Urbana" and "Rete Extraurbana"? Urban Network and Extra-Urban Network sound really weird.
The only context I can give you is: I'm introducing the local Bus Company and I need to give some numbers.

Thank you!
  • fedecinema

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    Italy - italiana
    Thank you TimLA,
    unfortunately the network I need to talk about is not in the "suburban" area, but it connects the main city (Urban Network) to the villages and small town around.
    I don't know if "suburban" is appropriate. What do you think?
    Thank you


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    In AE, "suburban" and "suburbs" can be used to describe the area around a large city that contains many many smaller towns.
    The distance between the city and the suburbs can be fairly large.