retirar dinero

  • rita7

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    I need to take out some cash/money from the cash-till

    I think there are many variations on cash till, probably depending on where you are. We (in my family) still refer to it as the bank machine.

    You can also use withdraw for take out. Withdraw cash.


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    Hi everyone! Can somebody be so gentle to tell me how to say " Yo necesito retirar dinero del cajero automático" in English please?
    Hola Lizhernandez85_:

    I need to make a withdrawal at the ATM, o sólo I need to stop by the ATM.

    Aproveché para hacer unas pequeñas correcciones a tu texto en inglés ;)



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    In BrE you will often hear informally 'the hole in the wall.'
    'I need to get some cash from the hole in the wall.'
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