retire the archaic typologies


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Hi everybody,

Jody Greene (personal communication, 2009) has rightly suggested that we problematize
and retire the self-limiting and archaic typologies that cast energetic qualities as male-female polarities. Why should we accept that to be “expansive” is somehow more masculine than feminine,
or that to be “integrative” is more feminine than masculine?

What is the meaning of "retire" in this context ? " Jody Greene (lors d’un échange personnel, 2009) à clairement énoncé que nous problématisons et retranchons les typologies auto-limitatives et archaïques qui camouflent les qualités énergétiques que sont les polarités mâles-femelles..."
It doesn't mean large thing...

Thanks for your help.
  • Keith Bradford

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    Normally, to retire means to get rid of, for reasons of age. "We need to retire Mr Fothergill, he is 93 years old!" "I think it's time we retired our car and bought a new one".

    However, I wouldn't guarantee that that's what Jody Greene means, because she seems to speak a brand of English unknown outside sociology departments!

    Kelly B

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    It may not be idiomatic but retirer (de service) might give you the idea; abandonner. Renoncer is close but too strong.


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    I see...
    Il fact, I have to employ the French subjonctive form : il faut que nous problématisions (or analysions) ces polarités énergétiques affublées d'un rôle masculin ou féminin pour en finir avec elles (to retire). Do you think it could be correct ?

    Thanks to both of you.


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    Precisely, from the text, the French translation could give something as :
    " Jody Greene (lors d’un échange personnel, 2009) a clairement proposé que nous analysions ces typologies auto-limitatives et archaïques qui affublent les polarités énergétiques d’un qualificatif masculin ou féminin pour en finir avec cette démarche."

    ... and it could be possible to translate "retire" : "... pour en finir avec cette démarche" deviendrait : "... pour coller définitivement cette démarche au rencart" (une façon de qualifier familièrement la mise à la retraite).
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