retour à la pureté

anoush kaa

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French- France and Belgium
Hello everyone,

Talking about a skin product, would you rather use purity or pureness? I only knew "purity" but I found "pureness" here on Wordreference and somehow it seems better in that context.

The French sentence goes :

... "une sensation d'hydration, de fraicheur, de retour à la pureté."

It is about a beauty product supposed to give a radiant skin.

Many thanks in advance!
  • anoush kaa

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    French- France and Belgium
    Thank you archijacq and Christelleny for you input! The concept of "pureté" is used several times in the text and the product is a liquid foundation so I am not sure "cleanliness" would work here...

    Kelly B

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    For the full phrase retour à la pureté you might consider renewal. Otherwise I'd prefer purity over pureness, but it's a little weird when talking about the skin itself rather than the product.
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