Retourner le stigmate pour en faire une force


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Je voudrais traduire cette phrase "En se réappropriant ce mot, ils ont retourné le stigmate et en ont fait une force".
J'ai fais cette traduction "by reclaiming this word, they reversed the stigma and made it a strength." mais je ne suis pas certain que ce soit correct.
Si vous pouvez m'éclairer ou m'aider à rendre cette phrase un peu plus agréable à lire ça serait fantastique!
  • Billlie

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    Without more context, I suggest something like:
    "By changing the use of this word, they eliminated its bad connotations, and increased its effectiveness". - customer-client-clientele.134524
    Thank you! For more context: i'm talking about the word "freak" here. I'm trying to explain that even if this word has a bad connotation because of its history, some minorities changed the use of this word to emphasize their differences in a good way.


    More simply: "..they changed it from something negative to something positive."
    Or: "...from something to be ashamed of to something to be proud of."
    Or: "...from a source of shame to a source of pride."