Retrace my steps

  • DCPaco

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    It means the latter. When one is unable to retrace their steps, one is having trouble recollecting every step of what transpired.


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    Retrace on its own does not mean 'couldn't undo'. In the sentence above I believe it means 'remember' or 'recollect' as you suggest.


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    Hello Dr. A,

    I think we need more background to answer your question.
    The sentence, all by itself, doesn't tell me enough to know for sure what 'retrace' means to say.


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    One newly married wife lodged a complaint against her husband, swore at him, incited violence from many of her relative against him, put him in lock-up,...many more all in a jiffy. Now since so many steps were taken in a breakneck speed, it is neither possible to undo what was done nor to recollect what happened.


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    I wouldn't use "retrace her steps" in this context. Usually you use this expression when you have misplaced/lost something, like your keys. You retrace your steps so that you can find them.

    In your example, I would say, "Since so many attacks were made over such a short amount of time, she can neither undo what was done nor even remember what happened."