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I know that if you travel from Belgium to UK it's one way ticket but if you do Belgium to UK and then UK to Belgium it's a return ticket.
Speaking of this example, what would you say if you only want to talk about UK to Belgium (the return) would you still call it return ticket?
For instance, an airline company has to refund my ticket but not the round trip just one way not from Belgium to UK but my return UK to Belgium.
What would say then? The airline company will give me a refund for my return trip?

Thank you.

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    I'm not sure what airlines call them, but on a train it would usually be the "return half" of the journey/ticket. :)


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    "it's a return ticket"

    Just for information (I know this is a Europe-based question), in the U.S. it's called a round trip ticket. We don't generally use the phrase "return ticket". I think we might say "I'm going to get a refund on the return portion of my ticket." Or on my return ticket. Or on the return half of my ticket. Or maybe return leg. I don't believe there is a set phrase for it.