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Which is the difference between return to and come back?

I have to use it in this phrase:
On your 8th day the departure from Las Vegas to return to California is at 4 pm
I know we usually use come back, but I feel like here could be understood as "come back home" and that's not what I mean.
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    British English
    If you were speaking to someone in the place that you started from (eg San Francisco) you could equally well talk about "coming back to SF" or "returning to SF".

    If you you were talking to someone somewhere else (eg in Las Vegas or New York) you could talk about your return to SF, but not about "coming back" to SF.

    "Coming back" means returning to the place where you were previously AND where the person you are speaking to is.


    Yes, if it is an itinerary, I would also prefer "return".

    If I was just phoning a family member or friend back home, I might say coming back, as it seems more informal.
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