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Could you use any of the three pronouns on, about and of with the verb reveal?

For instance,
1 " does not reveal much on the effects of these acts"
2 " does not reveal much about the effects of these acts"
3 " does not reveal much of the effects of these acts"

Or is only number 2 correct (my non-native gut feeling ;)
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    On does not sound right. Since a lot of what I used to think was non-native errors turns out to be the only correct combination in non-US English, perhaps this is another case.

    "reveal much about" and "reveal much of" are both used in AE but have different meanings. "reveal much of" refers to some quantity of information. "He did [or didn't] reveal much of his plan" suggests, for instance, that his "plan" takes up, say, 20 pages, and he only revealed the content of 2 or 3 pages worth. "He didn't reveal much about his plan" is more of a qualitative than a quantitative statement. There is no judgement about what proportion of his plan was revealed, but definitely a suggestion that there is more to his plan than he has revealed so far; perhaps he has actually revealed most of it measured in some quantitative way, such as by number of pages or words, but the most important or startling aspects of the plan are still unrevealed.
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