"... revealed nothing but ape-like dismissal"


Hi all,

I'm trying to describe a young lad who isn't very smart. He disapproves of a group of people standing right in front of him, which is reflected in the expression of his ape-like face. Is it possible to say "The expression of his ape-like [or: apish??] face revealed nothing but dismissal", or is this description inaccurate and/or too vague.

A Happy New Year to everyone and thanks in advance! :)
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    Hello, lexicos. Your sentence looks pretty good to me, but I'm not sure readers will understand "dismissal". I think I'd use "disapproval" instead.

    "Apish" or "ape-like" should both be fine. I rarely see "apish" in contemporary text, but its meaning should be easy to figure out for any fluent English-speaker.


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    Lex, I think you'd want 'dismissiveness,' but suzi's idea of disdain is good.

    It's not clear what you're looking for. I don't know why one would 'disapprove' of a group standing somewhere--as opposed, say, to being annoyed [in the OP, it would be annoyance] if they are blocking my view.

    I would also tend to say, "the expression on his apelike face."
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