Revenir comme un boomerang

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  1. Amoula New Member

    Bonjour, je rencontre quelques doutes par rapport à une traduction.
    Voici la phrase! Sa remarque lui revient comme un boomerang.
    His remark swings back him?
    His remark swings back to him?
    Le choix de to swing back est-il pertinent?
  2. sam's mum

    sam's mum Senior Member

    England English
    Comes back to haunt him, maybe? Depends on the context.
  3. Padraig Senior Member

    Hiberno-English, Irish Gaelic
    If it is the sort of remark that can have a bit of a sting in it, I would prefer to render it as comment.

    I'm not sold on the idea of swinging back.

    You can say that his comment boomerangs on him. It's a form of expression that is used a good deal in English. Or you can say his comment rebounds on him.
  4. Embonpoint Senior Member

    Another option is "His remark backfired on him." The image is more of an engine than a boomerang.

    You could also consider, "His remark came back to hit him like a boomerang."

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