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    Hi! I have been working on translating some content from English to German for some friends. For the most part, it's not been very difficult until I hit upon these relatively "simple" three phrases:

    1. Revenue share must sum up to 100%.
    2. Revenue share data is not acceptable.
    3. Revenue share data is missing.

    My German is fluent, but I guess I don't understand enough about the subject to come up with something intelligible. My guesses are as follows:

    1. Umsatzbeteiligung müssen sich auf 100% summieren.
    2. Umsatzbeteiligung Daten sind nicht akzeptabel.
    3. Umsatzbeteiligung Daten fehlen.

    This is making me crazy! Any feedback?
    Thanks in advance for any insight/help!
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  2. berndf Moderator

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    Not so bad. Just a few corrections. Summieren is ok, but my Sprachgefühl tells me to prefer addieren.

    1. Umsatzbeteiligungen müssen sich auf 100% addieren.
    2. Umsatzbeteiligungsdaten sind nicht akzeptabel.
    3. Umsatzbeteiligungsdaten fehlen.

    But... Are you sure you mean gross revenue share and not net revenue share? The latter would be Gewinnbeteiligung.
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    Thanks Bernd! You are a lifesaver! I'm really not certain if gross or new revenue had been meant (I should probably take a real basic course in business some day!), but I left a not just in case. Anyhow, I do really appreciate your help. I am helping a friend of mine translate her company website and it has ended up being way more than we had originally anticipated it to be!
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