review <all that / what> I learnt.

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I would like to review all that I learnt.

I would like to review what I learnt.

I would appreciate it very much, if somebody could readily explain the difference between those.

In addition, I am wondering how you can distinguish such a difference?

And, could you please elaborate your explanations? as I am too confused about it.

Thanks in advance
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    They mean the same. 'All that' is explicit about the idea "all", but 'what I learnt' is likely to mean all of it too, not just part of it. You can't say 'all what', so you have to change it to 'all that'.


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    Here is how I would interpret these two phrases.

    "all that I learnt" would indicate a block of related knowledge or information. For example, knowing all the possible material for a test on the human skeleton. The response would be detailed, but finite. It's possible to interpret "all" literally, meaning absolutely everything one knows, but I find it difficult to imagine a situation where one would want (or be able) to review literally everything one knows.

    "what I learnt" feels more general. The enumeration of the knowledge might be broader, more inclusive. For example, "I learned to ski, I learned to swim, etc.," rather than the naming the micro-maneuvers involved in each skill. "What did your learn?" "I learned how to knit."

    I feel, however, that you could safely use these phrases interchangeably in conversation. The differences are subtle and situation/context dependent.
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