revoke the region’s autonomy

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Khan will use his address in New York next week to highlight alleged atrocities being carried out by the Indian army in the Jammu and Kashmir state since Modi’s government revoked the region’s autonomy by abrogating article 370 of the constitution.
Pakistan PM to accuse Modi of complicity in Kashmir 'terrorism'
Would it be idiomatic to collocate "revoke" with "autonomy"? Can 'autonomy' or 'independence' be revoked? I think a law or document, even a decree and promise could be revoked but "autonomy", I am not sure! What is your opinion?
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    Independence cannot be revoked, as that would suggest there wasn't really independence to start with. However, this is a good illustration of the meaning of autonomy. It does not mean independence, but the ability to self-govern, and this can be revoked.


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    A region can have various degrees of autonomy, but it isn't the same as the "independence" that an independent state has.

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    Our dictionary says that "revoke" is a synonym of "abrogate", and if we apply this to the text quoted in post 1 we get:
    Modi's government revoked the region's autonomy by revoking article 370 of the constitution.
    That doesn't read well because it says that one revocation caused another.

    Yes, laws can be revoked/abrogated. In this case, the relevant law is article 370 of the constitution. The effect of the abrogation of that article is the withdrawal of the region's autonomy, so I would prefer Modi's government withdrew the region's autonomy by abrogating article 370 of the constitution.
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