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What pronoun do you use when you are trying to put your reader in someone's position, especially in poetry? Can it also depend on how intimate your audience is (if one is writing for schoolmates, for example?)

e.g. "This is your last meal; your last glimpse of sunlight; soon you will be taking your last breath" when the person you are speaking to isn't really going to be executed (you're just portraying someone to them).
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    I think "tu" would probably be chosen, although poets may choose whatever they feel like.
    So do I, but I'd add that with "tu" it's more 'powerful' and more... "immersing" and that with a "vous" it's more... literary, but it fully depends on "how intimate you are with the audience" as you say ;) (if there is an audience of course, if not, look above)

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