rib binding - sowing [sewing]


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As sowing terms are not native to me, I am having a great deal of difficulty in translating "rib binding" into Spanish. In particular, this refers to the sowing pattern typicaly found on t-shits at the neck and arms or the band in undergarments. If anyone could assist in translating "rib binding" into Spanish, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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    I call it just "goma", and I explain what I'm talking about (la goma del puño,...), but there must be one more specific word for it. Sorry.



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    Hi joshua2pl,

    I'm not sure. I am having the same problem with this translation:
    "Rib Neck and Sleeve Binding Ringer Tee"
    "Camiseta con Cuello de Goma y Mangas _____ Redondas"

    I am not sure how to use binding in this translation, but I hope it helps you some how and if someone knows, please help!