ricevere il passaporto vistato

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by vmx79, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. vmx79

    vmx79 Senior Member

    Ciao a tutti, dovrei tradurre questa frase:
    Abbiamo avviato la procedura e, consderando i tempi tecnici previsti, dovremmo ricevere il passaporto vistato il 17 marzo.

    Il mio tentativo:
    We started up the procedure and, consdering the requested time to obtain the Visa, we should receive the validated passport on the 17th March

    Che ne pensate?
  2. Lazzini

    Lazzini Senior Member

    Assuming the procedure in question is a visa application, I would translate as:

    We have sent off the visa application, and expect the endorsed passport to be returned on the 17th of March.
  3. furs

    furs Senior Member

    I would say: 'we filed for the visa, and we expect to receive the passport with the visa by March 17'.
    Note that en endorsement is not the same thing as a visa.

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