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  1. Kacy.H

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    Hello, everyone.

    I don't know which one goes with "rich"? "as" or "like"?

    If you are rich as/like Mark Zuckerberg, you can .........

  2. Uncle Jack

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    There is nothing special about "rich".
    If you can say "He is X" (where X is an adjective), then you can also say "If you are X like N..." (where N is a person's name). The meaning here is that Mark Zuckerberg is rich, and that if you are rich too, then...

    With "as", the form is "as X as" (not just "X as"), and it can only be used where X has degrees of intensity. You cannot say "If you are as male as Mark Zuckerberg" since (usually), "male" is either something you are or are not.
    Note that to meet the criterion in "if you are as rich as Mark Zuckerberg", you need to be as rich as he is, whereas with "If you are rich like Mark Zuckerberg", you merely need to be rich, not necessarily as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. He is only mentioned as an example of a rich person, to give you some context whether "rich" means everyday rich (in other words, not poor), fabulously wealthy or something in between.
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    Thank you , Jack

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