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  1. ADAOBI New Member

    riconducibile a cistr

    what would that mean in english?
    referring to cistr or something else?

    anybody can help?
  2. Emily B Member

    It is really difficult to translate "riconducibile"...
    It means that you can find the origin of something in something else. If you write the whole sentence I'll be able to help you a bit more...
  3. ADAOBI New Member

    Thank you. i was thinking of the following but i am not sure:

    There is a transonic image of 1/3 higher than the right kidney which is about 6.8cm in accordance with cistr.

    the Italian version :

    presenta di immagine transonica al 1/3 superiore del rene dx di circa 6.8 cm riconducibile a cistr

  4. Necsus

    Necsus Senior Member

    Formello (Rome)
    Italian (Italy)
    I think you can use 'referable', or 'ascribable'.
    'Cistr' ??? Might it be 'cisti' ?
  5. Emily B Member

    Could you tell me what is "cistr"?

    Anyway, it should be:

    There is a transonic image in the fist third of the right kidney which is about 6,8 cm

    and if you tell me what "cistr" is or means I can try to translate the rest...

    vIELTIEN Member

    surely cistr it's 'cisti',
    and about 'riconducibile', I think its meaning is 'to trace back' (to ascribe in a way)
  7. neuromatico

    neuromatico Senior Member

    English (Canadian)
    It must be "cisti" (cyst).
    And I vote for Necsus's "referable", a commonly used term to describe anatomical and/or physiological relationships.

    I presume this the report of an abdominal ultrasound.

    ..displays an echogenic image in the upper third of the right kidney of approximately 6.8 cm referable to (a) cyst.

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