ricovero in regime di day surgery


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Hi everybody,

I need to traslate the following sentence "Il tempo chirurgico di dissezione ascellare può anche essere eseguito in regime di ricovero di Day Surgery" and I'm stumped on the right preposition to use:

Axillary dissection may also be performed in (under?) Day surgery system. I don't like it at all, but it's the best I could come up with.

Any takers? Help, please!!!
  • Mary's suggestion works very well. You weren't wrong in your assumption regarding the phraseology. We could also use, "Auxiliary dissection may also be performed under / as a component of / as a part of the day surgery system."

    Just a suggestion, I don't know about our BE or CanE friends, but in AE we use "outpatient surgery" as opposed to "day surgery."

    Along with Mary's idea, these should give you an idea of the construction.

    Ciao, MR! In BE also we talk about outpatient surgery. (Normally you go home the same day as the surgery takes place. I hope so, because I face it next Monday!) However I don't think "axillary" is the same as "auxiliary".
    Thank you Phil. I know that in AE you say outpatient surgery instead of day surgery, but in Italy they are two different things:
    - OS: surgery performed in a doctor's office under local anesthesia
    - DS: surgery performed in an OR under local anesthesia+sedation or under general anesthesia