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    This sense is in our English base, and it appears in both the English to French and English to Spanish dictionaries. You will find it under additional translation with a sense of "in contract, bill". I haven't checked all the dictionaries, and it's possible this sense has yet to be translated into all of them. If that's the case, it should appear in them at some point in the future.
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    Yes, the sense of additional clause in a contract or bill does appear, but what I am looking for is the sense of adding measures to a bill, without any connection between the initial document and the new provision. Therefore, it is not just one or various additional clause(s) to a contract (that would translate as "avenant" in French) but a way of combining not related, sometimes controversial, measures with the ones under discussion ("cavalier" in French). This practice is frowned upon (for further details, see Rider (legislation) - Wikipedia).

    I requested the addition of that sense to the French base, too.
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    Thank you for the extra info Nanon - I've had a brief look and there are a couple of things I'm scratching my head over. I'm going to look into this more thoroughly and I'll get back to you once I've done so!