Riego de nacencia

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    Looking at a document on corn. XX producer has agreed to plant and grow corn for XX company, and XX company is specifying the activities that must be carried out by the producer, i.e, plowing, etc. Since I'm not an agricultural expert, I need help sorting out what all these words/phrases actually mean so that I understand what the producer is being asked to do. Is "Seed irrigation" an accurate translation for "Riego de nacencia"?

    Riego de nacencia = Seed irrigation???
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    We need you to please write down the original sentence in Spanish in order for us to see if your translation is accurate.
    Providing additional context wouldn't hurt either.

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    Seed irrigation to me sounds more like the irrigation performed after planting to initiate the seed germination process. However, as lauranazario indicates, more context is necessary for a correct interpretation.
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    Nascencia debe ser la germinación, Tal vez "Germination irrigation"

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