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From <MTB trailblazers>, a docuseries about mountain biking. But in this episode, Nick(the protagonist) is talking about surfing.
Surfing here in Bali it's so good, you have all different kind of waves. You can surf on the east coast, it's real good right handers. You can find beach breaks, barrels and you can scare yourself in the reef too.
Can anyone tell me what right hander means in this case?
Thank you.
  • jesan

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    I believe it simply refers to a person who can use his or her right hand.

    You can surf on the east coast, it's real good guys! (but in this case, the speaker is specifically addressing right-handers or right-handed people)


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    From Surfing 101: How to Read a Wave - BookSurfCamps.com

    Right-hand wave
    Or a right, it is a wave that breaks to the right from the surfer’s vantage point. If you look at it from the beach, it will appear as breaking towards the left.​
    On a right-hander, the surfer rides the wave to his right, which would look like the left from the people onshore.​
    EDIT: Unless I'm dreaming, F-f's answer (below) is the opposite of the one I found:D


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    I think it should have said "it has real good right handers" or you can surf...its real good right handers. See this from srosurf.com.

    Right hander - the direction in which a wave breaks when looking at it from the beach/shoreline. A right hander is when the wave breaks from left to right.
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