right starboard, left port (sailing)

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    During a sailing competition, just before the start, when the foredeck man tries to position the boat so that they will be one of the first boats to cross the starting line, he calls to the helmsman: "Right starboard, starboard right!" And then, as they come dangerously close to another boat, he yells: "Left port! LEFT!"

    Why does he call both "right" and "starboard", and why both "left" and "port"? They mean the same thing, don't they? And I thought "starboard" and "port" would be the only words you would use at sea?

  2. 0scar Banned

    Seguramente grita en forma redundante por seguridad. Es probable que los que no hablen bien inglés entiendan mejor right y left que starboard y port.
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    Oscar tiene toda la razon pero quisiera clarificar que aun muchos anglofonos no saben este vocabulario sino que tienen experiencia con barcos y cosas asi.
    Pues posiblemente el director estaba tratatando de trasladar el mensaje a los nativos tambien.

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