right-wing punditry

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Punditry is defined as the expressing of expert opinions, which appears to be positive or at least neutral.

The question of this thread is whether the word punditry is neutral in this context.

It is the latest twist in the ebb and flow of right-wing punditry that for weeks echoed Mr. Trump in minimizing the threat posed by the coronavirus and arguably undercut efforts to alert the public of its dangers. When the president took a more assertive posture against the outbreak, conservative outlets shifted, too — but now accuse Democrats and journalists of trying to use the pandemic to damage Mr. Trump politically.

Source: NYTimes March 28, 2020
Medical Expert Who Corrects Trump Is Now a Target of the Far Right
  • grassy

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    It's definitely negative in that context.
    Punditry is defined as the expressing of expert opinions
    You can be an expert (=someone who knows a great deal about a particular topic) but that doesn't necessarily make you unbiased in your opinions.


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    Think of it as self-styled punditry, or people looking to them as if they're pundits. But this usage is so common now that I don't think we'd say 'pundit' is positive any more. The real experts at Johns Hopkins aren't pundits.
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