rigor científico = scientific rigor?

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  1. draelife Senior Member

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    Hola foreros,

    Quiero traducir "rigor científico" al inglés, y pone Wordreference que la traducción es "scientific rigor" pero a mí me suena fatal!!! Aquí os pongo el contexto (que son características que deberían poseer un traductor):

    Poseer rigor científico, lo cual implicar tener un cierto sentido del ridículo
    para reconocer frases, expresiones, palabras que no se tradujeron acertadamente
    por descuido, falta de tiempo o dejadez y son criticables y hacen que
    el traductor se juegue su prestigio.

    ¿A vosotros os suena bien lo siguiente?:

    To have scientific rigor, which implies having a certain sense of ridicule in order to recognize phrases, expressions, or words that were not translated accurately because of carelessness, lack of time, or laziness, and which are open to criticism and may put the translator’s prestige at risk.

    Y si no, se os ocurre otra cosa mejor??

  2. grubble

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    The phrase "scientific rigor" makes absolute sense to me on its own. However I have no idea how it relates to a sense of ridicule.

    Have you given the whole sentence or is there something before this?
  3. draelife Senior Member

    English (USA)
    I didn't write the original, just translating :) This is the whole sentence, but it is a bullet point in a list of characteristics that translators should have.

    I just thought that scienctific rigor sounded odd.
  4. grubble

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    South of England, UK
    British English
    I wasn't accusing you! :)

    Here's an example:

    Balancing scientific rigor versus patient good in clinical trials
    Category: BioethicsCancerClinical trialsMedicineScience
    Posted on: September 20, 2010 8:00 AM, by Orac
    A critical aspect of both evidence-based medicine (EBM) and science-based medicine (SBM) is the randomized clinical trial.

  5. draelife Senior Member

    English (USA)
    Haha, I know.

    I did find "scientific rigor" online too. There weren't too many results, but I suppose it's enough. Just wanted to know if anyone else thought it sounded weird or if it was just me :) For now, I'll stick with it! Thanks!!
  6. Juana Brienza

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    "Rigor científico": nada raro. ( De uso y adecuado)
    Pero como le ocurre a Grubble no puedo entender " sentido del ridículo". La palabra no parece pertinente

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