Riguardo all'amore tutto come prima.

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Ciao a tutti,

Can someone please help me to translate this message please as the second part is quite confusing to me:
Per la salute tutto bene. Riguardo a l’amore tutto come prima mi auguro che per te ne non sia la stessa cosa
About my health, all is well, regarding love………………………………...........

(For background, the converation began with the first message being ‘Noi qui siamo in compagnia di tanta neve spero che da te va meglio. Mi auguro che stai bene in tutto sopratutto in salute e in amore!’ I responded ‘sto bene grazie. E tu, sei in salute e in amore? I then received the response above but I am confused as to the meaning in English??)

Grazie mille
  • brian

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    The person first told you that they hope you're doing with, above all "in health and in love." The response after your question is:

    About my health, all is well. As for love, everything is like before. I hope that for you it's not the same thing (i.e. I hope for you it's not like (what it was for me) before).

    It's up to you to know what "like before" means...
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