rikosperusteisesti 4 henkilöä

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    I don't quite understand how rikosperusteisesti is functioning in this sentence:

    It seems as though rikosperusteisestikin 4 henkilöä here means rikosperusteisestikin kiinni otettua 4 henkilöä "even 4 people who were arrested on criminal charges" -- is that correct?

    If so, is it common to shorten rikosperusteisesti kiinni otettu (or an equivalent expression) to rikosperusteisesti?


    PS -- Just to be sure, does Ovi kävi tiuhaan here mean "The door saw heavy use" (because they were constantly bringing people in)?
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  2. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    I'm not quite sure I understand your thoughts correctly but I'll give you my opinion anyway.;) Being drunk is not a criminal offence in Finland. However, 10 intoxicated people were placed in jail/custody, obviously because they were too drunk to take care of themselves.

    In addition to these 10 people, 4 people were arrested on criminal charges. Rikosperusteisesti is an adverb formed from the rather rare adjective rikosperusteinen.

    The answer to your PS question is: yes.
  3. Määränpää

    Määränpää Senior Member

    I don't think the original sentence is good Finnish. :p

    In the sentence, "ja rikosperusteisestikin 4 henkilöä" is supposed to mean "ja rikosperusteisestikin jouduttiin ottamaan säilöön 4 henkilöä".

    It's not very beautiful to drop the verb here, because the adverb rikosperusteisesti should actually be juxtaposed with another adverb, and in "10 liikaa nauttinutta jouduttiin ottamaan säilöön" there is no adverb.
  4. Gavril Senior Member

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    Thanks, GOM ja Määränpää.

    The sentence became easier to understand once I realized that ottaa säilöön = "take into custody"; when I started this thread, I thought it was referring to something more specific.

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