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I'm reading "Drop Dead Healthy' written by A.J. Jacobs.

<One of the leaders of the 1773 Boston Tea Party riled up the protesters by claiming that tea was hazardous to the health;
so our very country is founded on absurd medical claims.>

I know about Boston tea party. It's done by angry American to England. They threw Tea boxes out of the ships.
So, one of the leaders of the BOston Tea Party is a protester, right?
He claimed that tea was bad for the health. Why this caused the protesters, his friends, angry(rile up=angry)?
'Rile up' has another meaning?

Thank you in advance.
  • PaulQ

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    to rile up is a phrasal verb, it means to cause to become angry.

    The leader wanted the protesters to become angry so that they would do criminal acts without thinking. The leader wanted to cause the protester to make trouble.

    As a matter of fact, the people on both sides in the Boston Tea Party were British.
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