rime annexée / vers rapporté ?


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Hi! This is the first time i've actually asked a question on this forum because I usually find all the answers I need ! I have to translate an article for a friend who is a French teacher finishing his thèse and I haven't been able to find the correct translation for "rime annexée" ( when the last word of a line is repeated at the beginning of the next) and "vers rapporté" ( when you can read the poem horizontally but also "in columns" ). Could anyone suggest anything? I have to finish the translation in three hours! Thanks a million
  • misselizbennet

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    Rime annexée = Anadiplosis
    Vers rapportés = Acrostic poem

    I hope it helps!


    oh dear! I knew anadiplosis! I was trying to find something with verse or line so much I didn't realize I actually knew the term. Many thanks! You were right on time.