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    Secondo voi, in questo contesto, "rimmed" può voler dire "sporco", "incrostato" o qualcosa del genere?

    Si tratta di una casalinga che non riesce a stare dietro alle faccende domestiche, per questo cerca una donna delle pulizie. In questo passaggio la protagonista (Jenny) sta facendo fare un giro della casa alla donna delle pulizie:

    << Upstairs, Jenny felt her eye on the rimmed bath, Emma's unmade bed, the clouded windows, and grew confused again, hastily picking things up, trying to put clothes in piles. >>

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    Personally I've always heard it as "bathtub ring" to refer to the line that dirty bathwater will leave on the inside of a bathtub if you don't clean it regularly. But I assume "rim" here has the same meaning.
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    Thank you so much!

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