rinuncia al diritto di rivalsa

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by brunikabubu, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. brunikabubu Senior Member

    Salve a tutti!

    Sono disperata, devo tradurre questa frase ma non so neanche da dove cominciare :( Potreste aiutarmi?

    "II soggetto promotore dichiara di rinunciare alla facoltà di rivalsa della ritenuta alla fonte a favore del vincitore a norma dell'art. 30..."

    Può essere rinuncia a "recovery of witholding tax"? Che ne pensate?
  2. Lazzini

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    There seems to be a considerable amount of specialised terminology in this. In particular, I have no idea what soggetto promotore means - is it a person, an organisation of some kind, or something else?. Nor do I have a very clear idea about the rest of the sentence, and this attempt at a translation is given with no great confidence:

    The (soggetto promotore) confirms that it/he will renounce its/his right to compensation by deduction at source...
  3. CPA Senior Member

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    I think you're right. "...waive its right to recover withholding tax..."
  4. brunikabubu Senior Member

    Grazie mille!
  5. birder

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    The glossary of terms used in an insurance contract has:

    Rivalsa: il diritto che spetta all'assicuratore che ha corrisposto un indeniizo di rivalersi su colui che ha arrecato il danno.

    I think "revenge" would be a terrible translation in this context. Maybe there is a technical term in the insurance biz, but by take on the explanation is:

    ---the right earned by an insurance company that has paid an indemnity to compensate for that due from the one who caused the damage.

    Thus, if I am reading this correctly (always in doubt), the insurance company has paid out to its insured and is now entitled to reimbursement from the party that caused the damage or his/her insurance company.

    Suggestions, please.

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