rip (or ripping) CD

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Continuamente me encuentro hoy día con este término. Aparentemente significa "grabar" o "quemar" un CD, pero no encuentro confirmación en ningún diccionario.
Gracias por la ayuda.
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    It simply means copy the tracks on a CD to either make another one, make MP3s, or some other kind of recordings.
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    te gato

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    Hola, HectorZ:

    gaer is on the right track. I will get a little more technical...
    "Ripping" is converting audio CD tracks saving them into audio formats such as... mp3, wav, wma, vqf, ogg.
    From there you can "Burn" a CD taking the saved audio formats and transfering them to cd.
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    Hello, Gatita, you're quite right.

    But I think it also applies to DVD and programs. See this definition:

    "DVD rippping" definition : copy the DVD to your hard-drive, without the DVD copy protection screwing up your files.
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    Just in case anyone cares about the origin of the term RIP:

    RIP is an acronym for ...
    * Raster-Image Processor, Remote Imaging Protocol, Routing Information Protocol

    Raster-Image Processor is not the only word formed from RIP. There are 2 more listed below.

    2) RIP is also derived from Remote Imaging Protocol

    3) RIP is also derived from Routing Information Protocol

    rip: Slang. To encode, compress, transfer, and copy digitized audio or video data from a compact disc (CD) to a computer hard drive. Note: Ripping is usually done with the intent of transferring those files to another user or another device.
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