ripe or ripened

  • Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    If the choice is the verb 'ripen' I suppose you have to use the past participle 'ripened'.
    'Ripened' does not mean exactly the same as 'ripe'.


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    Without any context, I would assume that "ripened fruit" is fruit that has been picked unripe and artificially ripened with gasses or chemicals.

    "Tree ripened fruit" on the other hand would be fruit that has ripened naturally on the tree.

    "Ripe fruit" is fully mature and ready to be eaten. It may have been artificially ripened.

    ......... fruit usually tastes sweet. (ripen)
    I would use "ripe", but perhaps they require the answer "ripened". It's difficult to read the mind of the person who set the question.
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