ripe when yields to gentle pressure


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Help. I need to translate an ad that talks about how to tell when an avocado is ripe. The sentence says: Ripe when yields to gentle pressure".

I have no idea how to say that and make it sound well written because it sounds silly to me in English. Here is my attempt.

Maduros cuando se sienten blandos al tocarlos

Please send me any suggestions you can.
  • EsmeraldFlint

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    "Maduros cuando se sienten blandos al tocarlos" means literally "They are mature when they feel soft on touch" :) nice going~

    how about, ""Ábranse cuando se deformen con poca fuerza" (open them when you apply small force and they change form)

    It sounds normal for me! very pro and formal ;)



    I suppose experience teaches you the degree of sofness that is needed in order to get full satisfaction when eating one avocado.

    We can say ...cuando están ligeramente blandos al tacto.


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    Google is your friend:

    El aguacate está maduro si al sacudirlo se nota que el hueso se mueve o cede a la leve presión con el dedo.

    La fruta cede a la presión suave cuando está maduro ...

    Los aguacates están maduros cuando ceden a una suave presión. ...
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