ripping yarns

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Hi. Can anyone tell me the meaning of this expression?The context is the following:'Of course,there was no town library,but in the deserted Methodist parsonage about a quarter from the house where my brother David and I grew up there was one room piled high with mouldering books,many of them swelled to the size of telephone directories. A good percentage of them were books of the sort our British cousins call 'ripping yarns' '.Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Bevj

    Allegra Moderata (Sp/Eng, Cat)
    English (U.K.)
    Tanto ripping como yarn aparecen en nuestro diccionario.
    Cuentos/historias emocionantes.
    Es una expresión muy británica, ahora bastante anticuada, a menudo dicho con un toque de humor.
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