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    Hello everyone / Ciao a tutti!

    I would like to know what 'riscontrato' means in this context:

    "Questo rapporto è stato riscontrato in differenti gruppi etnici e Paesi."

    My attempt:

    "This study/report was 'carried out/compared' within/in different ethnic groups and countries."

    Normally rapporto in English would be report but in the source text it talks about Epidemological studies, so I would have thought this study would be more appropriate in this context.

    Thanks in advance! Grazie a tutti in anticipo!
  2. underhouse Senior Member

    Perhaps, simply "seen":

    This relation has been seen within...
  3. Skin Senior Member

    Hello, a-rose!

    "Rapporto" might also mean "ratio": whether this is appropriate in your sentence depends on what you're talking about. In that case it would be:

    "This ratio/proportion was found..."

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    british english
    The article is about gender depression.

    The previous sentence is:

    Studi epidemiologici hanno consistentemente documentato che la prevalenza lifetime della Depressione Maggiore nella donna è almeno doppia rispetto all'uomo.

    but then in the article there is a line graph showing the difference in depression rates between both genders.
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    As Skin said: This ratio/proportion (twice as much in women as in men) was found/has been found...

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