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I would appreciate help in translating the following phrase to English. Also, the spelling may be inaccurate. Can you also help me correct the spelling.

Riscuotere quiedanzari nominare avocati per cause

  • It doesn't look as a sentence.

    My best guess is:

    Riscuotere, quietanzare, nominare avvocati per cause.

    Where does it come from? A little bit of context would help!
    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I'm being asked to supply a power of attorney document (to my family in Italy) for the reason stated in this phrase:
    Riscuotere quiedanzari nominare avocati per cause

    I'm confused as to the first 2 words (Riscuotere quiedanzari). The last 4 as best as I can tell refer to "naming an attorney for a legal case"

    Grazie ...
    With all due respect, that sentence makes no sense.

    Even though I might assume that "quiedanzari" is a dialect word (from Sicily or Calabria, just guessing), I don't think such bad spelling could be put close to a verb like riscuotere. Therefore I'm confused. Who wrote that? Can you explain? I know what a power of attorney is.

    I suppose the key lies in that "riscuotere", it usually means "to collect a sum of money", so maybe your relatives in Italy need to name an attorney to collect some money or have it back or who knows.

    Quietanza is a receipt, a quittance.

    I would like to help more, but I have the feeling we're still no nearer a solution.

    P.S.: When you said "my family", did you mean the family you live with? Otherwise we call them relatives ;)