Rise vs Arise


I always considered the use of
"To rise" for describing something is increasing or moving up
and "to arise" for something is appearing.

Today I've read the sentence:

"The feeling of hope arose from the people"

Does it mean that the hope is appearing among the people or in some context "arise" and "rise" are interchangeable ?
  • Einstein

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    "Rise" means to go up physically. The sun rises in the morning. Also as quantities: prices and temperatures rise.
    "Arise" is in the abstract sense: hopes, fears and situations arise.

    We can use it for "insorgere", where we can say "arise" or "rise up":
    The oppressed people rose up / arose against the dictator.


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    I do agree with Eistein, Arise is only for abstract sense.
    Meanwhile Rise could be for both.

    I would translate:
    rise= aumentare(prezzi, peso,etc)/sorgere(sole/problemi, questioni) sollevarsi/insorgere (contro qualcosa)

    Arise=sorgere/insorgere (contro qualcuno), presentarsi/elevarsi(di un problema,questione)

    Hope this helps :)